'Caravan' Tells CNN They're All Going to America | NTK Network ‘Caravan’ Tells CNN They’re All Going to America

‘Caravan’ Tells CNN They’re All Going to America

A CNN reporter asked who was going to stay in Mexico, and who would continue to the United States. All indicated America.

By NTK Staff | 04.09.2018 @12:04pm

CNN’s Leila Santiago, covering the immigrant “caravan” moving through Mexico and toward the United States in recent weeks, asked the travelers where they intended to go on Monday. All who answered indicated that they would go to the United States to seek asylum.

Santiago first claimed that many of the migrants would stay in Mexico, and she asked those on the bus where they would go.

“They are fleeing violence from gangs that are controlling the areas in Honduras, Guatemala, El Savador, where they live,” she said. “Many of them will stay in Mexico.”

They did not back up her claim.

“Who will stay in Mexico?” she asked the bus in Spanish.

None of the migrants raised their hands.

“Who will go to the United States?” Santiago inquired immediately after.

Most of the bus raised their hands, while others did not answer.

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