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CIA Director: Trump Receives ‘Near Daily’ Intelligence Briefing

"It's not daily but, it's near daily," Pompeo said about how often President Trump received the presidential daily intelligence briefing.

By NTK Staff | 01.23.2018 @12:50pm

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said that President Donald Trump gets a “nearly daily” intelligence briefing from the CIA, and that Trump is a “sophisticated consumer” of that intelligence during an event at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) on Tuesday.

AEI’s Marc A. Thiessen asked Pompeo how often Trump takes the CIA’s presidential daily briefing, noting that former President Barack Obama took the daily briefing in person less than half the time.

During the transition, Trump received the classified intelligence briefings at a frequency that was notably lower than that of his predecessors, which caused concern from some within the intelligence community.

“It’s not daily but, it’s near daily,” Pompeo said. “It happened today. It happened yesterday it will happen most days. It depends on the president’s schedule. We’ll often do it when he’s traveling, too.”

Pompeo said the daily intelligence briefing is scheduled for about a half an hour but that it typically lasts 40 minutes depending on Trump’s schedule.

Thiessen asked Pompeo how Trump became convinced that he needed to receive the daily presidential intelligence briefing.

“I think it’s about value,” Pompeo explained. “I think the reason he does it is he finds value. That is, we are able to convince him that the facts that we are delivering impact his capacity to perform his mission.”

As for how President Trump receives and processes this intelligence, Pompeo says that Trump is a “sophisticated consumer” of the intelligence he receives and asks sophisticated questions.

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