Clapper: Kim Jong Un 'Met His Match' in Trump | NTK Network Clapper: Kim Jong Un ‘Met His Match’ in Trump

Clapper: Kim Jong Un ‘Met His Match’ in Trump

The former director of national intelligence usually criticizes the president's actions, but he approves of Trump's actions to bring North Korea to the table.

By NTK Staff | 05.27.2018 @10:33am

In an appearance on CNN on Sunday, former Director of National Intelligence praised President Trump’s handling of the North Korea situation.

“Kim Jong Un may have met his match here with our very unconventional president,” he said, indicating that other presidents had not been able to successfully counter North Korean aggression.

The former DNI lauded the president’s letter to Kim canceling the previously scheduled June 12 meeting in Singapore.

“I support the letter that President Trump sent to Kim Jong Un,” Clapper, a frequent Trump critic, told CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday.

“I think it was a good thing to do,” he said.

The former DNI said that he supported establishing barebones diplomatic contact with the North Koreans to defuse tensions between the two countries.

“Do you think it is better for the president to have this summit regardless of whether there’s no agreement?” Bash asked.

“There’s value having gone this far,” Clapper responded. “There’s value in meeting and greeting and just establishing rapport. Yes, I think it would be important to have this summit.

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