CNN Anchor Calls Trump a 'Shithole' | NTK Network CNN Anchor Calls Trump a ‘Shithole’

CNN Anchor Calls Trump a ‘Shithole’

Chris Cuomo used Trump's language to describe the president and his views about immigration.

By NTK Staff | 01.11.2018 @10:02pm

In response to President Trump’s comments about immigration and third world countries, CNN’s Chris Cuomo threw the president’s language back at him.

Speaking in front of his white board, Cuomo wrote and spoke the words, “This is who he is.”

“We sum it up in a word,” he said, writing the word, “shithole,” underneath. “There it is.”

Cuomo called Trump’s language a “gift” that he gave to the American people, revealing himself to be anti-immigration.

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