CNN Contributor Celebrates Omarosa's Departure, Calls Her 'Skinfolk' | NTK Network CNN Contributor Celebrates Omarosa’s Departure, Calls Her ‘Skinfolk’

CNN Contributor Celebrates Omarosa’s Departure, Calls Her ‘Skinfolk’

Angela Rye was delighted to see that the former "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant is gone from the Trump White House.

By NTK Staff | 12.13.2017 @3:33pm

CNN contributor Angela Rye celebrated Omarosa’s firing from the White House on Wednesday, screaming in delight at the camera.

“I’m going to do what you can’t do, and what April [Ryan] and Symone [Sanders] are too good of people to do, and that’s just be petty for a minute,” Rye said to the CNN panel. She then let out a joyful scream.

“Bye girl! Bye!” Rye began to Omarosa, before going into more details. “You have never represented the community. You are skinfolk. We don’t own you like Zora.”

“I’m not delighting in her demise. I wish her the best,” she added.

Rye let out another scream before CNN host Brooke Baldwin moved on.

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