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CNN Declares Trump the ‘Keeper of Promises’

Does the network of Jim Acosta and the Russian collusion story now want to Make America Great Again?

By NTK Staff | 12.07.2017 @3:00pm
CNN Declares Trump the ‘Keeper of Promises’

Donald Trump – keeper of promises” is the title a piece from CNN political reporter Stephen Collinson on Thursday that praised the president for staying true to his commitments to the American people.

It’s a surprising take for CNN, who has long played a media foil to the president, often drawing his ire on social media:

But the news outlet appears to be changing its tune about the president given recent developments. Collinson points out that Trump has stayed true to his promises on the campaign trail on significant issues.

The CNN journalist cites Trump’s decision as just the most recent example of his promise-keeping:

It was just the latest instance of the President obstinately honoring the bumper-sticker vows he made to his ultra-loyal supporters — even those that horrify the political and foreign policy establishment, media critics and allied leaders.

On Wednesday, Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, defying international fury, and promised to move the US Embassy there from Tel Aviv, a step considered too risky by his immediate predecessors.

Collinson warns that Trump is “taking big risks” to make America great again, and it could eventually come back to bite him. However, Trump so far “has not paid a tangible price for living up to his most controversial promises,” despite the consternation of the political establishment.

The political reporter listed the other promises on which Trump has delivered, like trade, immigration, and Iran:

Trump has also been as good as his word in other areas.

As promised, he has moved to renegotiate NAFTA, pulled out of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, walked out of the Paris climate accord, targeted the Iran nuclear deal and introduced a travel ban for residents of some majority Muslim nations, while adopting other radical immigration policies.

Trump vowed to preside over economic growth and set the stock market soaring. The gross domestic product expanded 3.3% in the third quarter, a three-year high, and the Dow just topped 24,000 points.

Trump has yet to deliver on some of his earlier promises, though. The president is still working on achieving funding for his signature project, a border wall with Mexico.

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