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CNN Has Meltdown Over ‘Covfefe’

One analyst compared the president's tweet to Richard Nixon's White House tapes.

By NTK Staff | 06.01.2017 @7:34am

A panel on CNN on Thursday freaked out over the President’s typo in a tweet sent out late Tuesday night, with one analyst comparing it to the Nixon White House tapes.

Trump tweeted just past midnight on Tuesday night, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” before taking it down Wednesday morning.

National Urban Radio Networks White House Correspondent April Ryan said that she demanded the meaning of the word in the off-camera briefing.

“[Sean Spicer] looked very scared yesterday,” Ryan said of the briefing. “When we got to [the covfefe tweet], you heard everyone in unison in that room.”

Ryan complained about the “spin” the White House placed on the tweet.

“If you say only a small group of people know what that word means, tell us what that word means!” she demanded.

John Avlon, a CNN political analyst, said the White House’s response to the tweet “speaks to a larger insecurity in the White House that reflects an enviornment better suited to junior high school than the leader of the free world.”

The panel then addressed Hillary Clinton’s use of the typo to mock the president and say it was a message to the Russians.

Avlon closed out the panel by comparing the tweet to “Nixon tapes in real time.”

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