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CNN Host Compares Trump to Putin Over Tweet

John Berman said the similarity between the two world leaders is "deeply" disturbing.

By NTK Staff | 07.03.2017 @12:30pm

CNN host John Berman compared President Trump to Russian Vladimir Putin on Monday, calling similarities between the two “deeply disturbing.”

Berman made the comment while speaking with The Washington Examiner’s David Drucker on the president’s upcoming week.

The CNN host asked Drucker if the president’s antics distract from a huge week, when Trump will meet with Putin in Germany.

“I bet him and Vladimir Putin will have a good laugh over that [tweet] because they both like to attack the media,” Drucker joked.

“You joke, you joke,” Berman cut in, “but the fact that there’s any similarity there [between Trump and Putin] is deeply disturbing. Vladimir Putin goes after members of the media completely.”

Suspicious deaths of Putin critics have led many to the conclusion that the Russian president has used the Russian state security apparatus to murder members of the media and political opponents.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted an edited video of himself ‘body-slamming’ CNN:

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