CNN Panel: Pelosi "Will Shiv You," Dems Have No One Else | NTK Network CNN Panel: Pelosi “Will Shiv You,” Dems Have No One Else

CNN Panel: Pelosi “Will Shiv You,” Dems Have No One Else

The panel discussed the challenges in the Democratic caucus to Pelosi's leadership.

By NTK Staff | 06.25.2017 @10:08am

A CNN panel discussed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) aggressive response to challenges to her leadership during Inside Politics on Sunday.

The panel watched video of Pelosi telling reporters, and by extension, members of her caucus, “Every action has a reaction, I try to say that to them. Every attack provokes a massive reaction.”

“Look at that smile,” Bloomberg’s Margaret Talev commented. “She will shiv you, make no mistake about it.”

Talev then questioned what the strategy was behind challenging Pelosi, other than dividing the party.

The Washington Post’s Karoun Demirijian said that Pelosi’s remarks were “a message not just to people targeting her, but to anybody else who was going to join them.”

“If you take her away, who comes in?” Demirijian asked of Democratic leadership.

Demirijian doubted that anyone else had the experience necessary to unite the “fraying” factions of the Democratic Party.

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