CNN Reporter Says Trump Speech Was "White America" Speech | NTK Network CNN Reporter Says Trump Speech Was “White America” Speech

CNN Reporter Says Trump Speech Was “White America” Speech

The network's senior White House correspondent implied that the president's highly-praised speech was for a "white" audience only.

By NTK Staff | 07.09.2017 @9:48am

CNN White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny implied on “Inside Politics” on Sunday morning that President Trump’s highly-praised speech in Poland was directed only at “white America.”

“This is not a speech he could have given really any place else,” Zeleny said. “This is a white America, America First kind of speech.”

“He was offering a very stark view actually about migration, about immigration, about other things,” he continued.

Zeleny also called the speech “a throwback.”

Bipartisan praise has reached the president’s desk over his Warsaw speech. From the left, commentator Dan Rather called it “the best of his presidency,” and from the right, conservative Trump critic Charles Krauthammer called it “Reaganesque.”

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