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College Dems Revolt Against the DCCC

Is the DCCC the most hated campaign committee in the country?

By NTK Staff | 04.26.2019 @1:14pm
College Dems Revolt Against the DCCC

A coalition of over 40 chapters of College Democrats are boycotting the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) in protest of the committee’s newly adopted rule promising to blackball firms that work with Democratic primary challengers.

The coalition, which is being led by Harvard College Democrats, currently stands at 42 groups from across the country and “include[s] groups based at Arizona State University, Dartmouth College, Michigan State University, Rutgers University-Newark, University of Virginia and Spelman College,” according to The Hill.

“Primary challengers are essential to ensure that the Democratic Party is continually held accountable to the needs of our constituents. This blacklist policy is undemocratic and antithetical to our values of inclusion and diversity,” the Harvard Democrats said in a letter Wednesday. “Challengers to incumbents have been essential to making the Democratic Party an institution that truly reflects the progressive values and diverse identities of the people it claims to represent.”

The revolt against the DCCC by College Democrats comes as Marie Newman told Politico that she had a consultant drop her 2020 primary campaign against Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL) as recently as Wednesday because of the DCCC’s new policy.

“I’ve had four consultants leave the campaign,” Newman said. “We’ve now had two mail firms say that they couldn’t work with us because of the DCCC issue, and then a [communications] group, a compliance group and several pollsters.”

The policy that College Democrats chapters are opposing is also being opposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who has gone as far as to recommend that small-dollar donor stop giving money to the DCCC and instead donate directly to the candidates they support.

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