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College Newspaper Changes ‘Crusader’ Name to Avoid Offense

For decades students at the College of the Holy Cross read 'The Crusader.' They will no more because of politically-correct outrage.

By NTK Staff | 02.02.2018 @1:00pm
College Newspaper Changes ‘Crusader’ Name to Avoid Offense

The student editorial board of “The Crusader,” the student newspaper of the College of the Holy Cross, announced Friday that they are ditching the name “crusader” in favor of “The Spire” due to political correctness.

The editorial board attributed their decision to a desire to break with “the massacres” committed by Christian knights in defense of the Holy Land centuries ago:

What did matter to us was the ultimate legacy of the crusaders themselves. No matter how long ago the Crusades took place, this paper does not wish to be associated with the massacres (i.e. burning synagogues with innocent men, women, and children inside) and conquest that took place therein. Surely, the word ‘crusade’ has come to mean ‘an energetic campaign’ in common parlance, but can a school whose mascot wields a sword and shield really lay claim to this interpretation?

A discussion over the student paper’s name first arose when people pointed out that their publication shared a name with the newspaper of the KKK. But the editorial board made clear this did not factor into their decision. “Ultimately, the nominal association with a poorly-circulated KKK newspaper (which took its name far later than this paper) did not figure at all in the final decision,” they wrote.

The college is currently embroiled in a controversy over whether their mascot, also named the “crusader,” should change as well. The college’s board of trustees will meet this weekend to decide whether the school should change the mascot.

The school-funded paper claimed the administration did influence their decision and did not foreshadow any decision from the trustees.

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