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Columbus Statue Beheaded in New York

Attacks on historical American figures continue.

By NTK Staff | 08.30.2017 @2:14pm

As controversy swirls around statues of figures from American history, vandals beheaded a statue of explorer Christopher Columbus in New York, according to the local NBC affiliate.

The man who discovered the vandalism slammed the culture that led to the attack. “It’s very disappointing that American values have sunken to the level that they are today,” he told reporters.

Police told NBC that the crime could have been a prank from juveniles or “fallout from the deadly protests and anti-protests over a Confederate statue in Charlottesville.”

According to the report, members of the New York City Council are attempting to remove the statue in Columbus Circle.

Following the dustup over Confederate monuments, liberal commentators have called for the removal of more traditional American heroes. CNN’s Angela Rye said that statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson needed to come down for their white supremacy.

Columbus, another traditional American hero, has also drawn the left’s fire, as the events in New York demonstrate.

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