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Commission Recommends Dems Cut Out Superdelegates

A serious bone of contention in the Democratic Party since 2008, unelected superdelegates’ power could be seriously diminished.

By NTK Staff | 12.11.2017 @1:45pm
Commission Recommends Dems Cut Out Superdelegates

Democrats are a step closer to significantly diminishing the influence of unelected superdelegates in their party’s presidential nominating process.

The Unity Reform Commission, a group charged with fixing the perceived flaws in the party’s nomination process, is recommending to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that the party cut the number of superdelegates able to vote at the party’s convention by about 60 percent.

Hurdles remain, however. The commission’s recommendation to eliminate about 400 superdelegates is not a mandate.

The recommendations will now go to the Democratic National Committee’s rules and bylaws committee, and then likely to the full 447-member Democratic National Committee for consideration sometime next year, where it will need two-thirds support to pass.

The 21-person commission’s vote was unanimous, according to Politico, although some members wanted to eliminate superdelegates entirely. The Republican Party does not use superdelegates in its nominating process.

The group made other recommendations to the DNC, as well:

The commission is also suggesting that absentee voting be required as an option for presidential caucus participants. It is calling for automatic voter registration and same-day voter registration. And it wants to mandate public reporting of raw vote totals from caucus states.

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