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Concerns About Immigration Reach All-Time High in Poll

Gallup has been tracking voters’ concerns about immigration since 1993. July’s poll is the highest level of concern ever recorded.

By NTK Staff | 07.23.2019 @9:25am
Concerns About Immigration Reach All-Time High in Poll

Americans are more concerned about immigration today than they’ve ever been, according to a Gallup poll that has tracked the issue since 1993.

When asked to mention the most important problem facing the United States, an average of 6 percent of respondents typically say immigration. Gallup’s July poll saw that number soar to 27 percent.

The results come amid an ongoing humanitarian crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. For years, Republicans have been warning about such a crisis. Those warnings often fell on deaf ears, particularly among Democrats in Congress.

But now more and more Americans are saying they are concerned about immigration in the U.S.

Republicans have typically been more likely than Democrats and independents to name immigration as the most important problem, and that is still the case. In the latest survey, 42% of Republicans, 20% of independents and 20% of Democrats mention immigration.

The other issues mentioned include the government/poor leadership (23 percent), race relations/racism (7 percent), health care (7 percent), and environment/pollution/climate change (4 percent).

According to Gallup, only five other issues have hit the 27-percent mark or higher since 2001. Those issues include the economy, the situation in Iraq, unemployment, the government, and terrorism.

Congress passed and President Trump recently signed legislation allowing the government to spend $4 billion to address the situation at the border.

“Americans’ concern about immigration has reached a high point in Gallup’s measurement of the issue, at least based on the percentage of U.S. adults who perceive the issue to be the most important problem facing the country,” Gallup’s Jeffrey M. Jones wrote. “Dramatic images of overcrowded detention centers and acknowledgments from politicians of both political parties that the issue is a crisis have likely contributed to the rise in concern.”

A majority of voters said in a recent poll that they approved of the raids planned by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to target illegal immigrants with outstanding orders to be deported.

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