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Conservative Groups Go All In on Tax Reform

Americans living in swing districts can expect to see a lot of ads promoting the Republican tax reform plan this August.

By NTK Staff | 07.31.2017 @11:54am
Conservative Groups Go All In on Tax Reform

Conservative groups like the American Action Network (AAN), Americans for Prosperity (AFP), Freedom Partners, and others are planning on spending millions to help congressional Republicans and President Trump pass their tax reform legislation.

With Obamacare repeal on hold for the time being, congressional Republicans and President Trump are now focused on passing meaningful tax reform legislation, which is drawing support from several high profile conservative advocacy groups.

Groups that are aligned with Koch brothers have already “lined up events in 36 states to make sure members of Congress hear the call for lower taxes when they’re home for their August recess,” according to a Bloomberg report.

AFP President Tim Phillips said in an interview, “We’re committed to achieving legislation that can get to the president’s desk that he can sign.”

According to an AFP spokesperson, “Koch-affiliated groups have spent close to $2 million on the tax issue so far this year,” and the group expects to double that number in the coming months.

AFP already has roughly 50 events planned for the months of August and Septemeber taking place across America. These events include town hall style meetings, policy discussions, and phone banks that will contact voters.

Kicking off the group’s August push is a panel discussion co-sponsored by Freedom Partners and AFP on Monday that will feature Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short discussing the administration’s tax reform plan

Another conservative group, AAN, expects that it will spend $5 million on the initiative in the month of August alone, and kicked off their campaign on Monday by announcing a $1 million ad campaign in 34 congressional districts to “educate Americans about the benefits of tax reform.”

According to CBS News reports. AAN, “wants to keep pressure on GOP lawmakers to make sure they continue pursuing an overhaul of the tax code when they return to Capitol Hill.”

Trump’s tax reform plan is expected to include a reduction in the corporate tax rate and a tax break for the highest earners.

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