Could Oprah Actually Run for President in 2020? | NTK Network Could Oprah Actually Run for President in 2020?

Could Oprah Actually Run for President in 2020?

The star’s Golden Globes speech left Hollywood and the political world wondering.

By NTK Staff | 01.08.2018 @9:21am
Could Oprah Actually Run for President in 2020?

During her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards Sunday night, Oprah Winfrey spoke directly to young girls when she declared, “A new day is on the horizon.”

Did America just witness the launch of Oprah’s political career?

A longtime TV show host and philanthropist, Oprah not only has near universal name recognition, she’s on a first name basis with the country.

Her longtime partner, Stedman Graham, had this to say when asked about Oprah’s presidential ambitions:

It didn’t take long for social media, and celebs in particular, to rally Winfrey for the job, including inside the ceremony.

“It’s up to the people,” Winfrey’s longtime partner, Stedman Graham, told The Times. “She would absolutely do it.”

“Oprah for President” is actually a question pollsters have been asking for a while, given her fame and widespread appeal. Politico reporter Gabe Debenedetti breaks it down, with numbers:

The only problem? Oprah herself shot down the speculation minutes after delivering her Globes speech:

Minutes after giving a rousing speech at the Golden Globes Awards that promised “a new day” for women, minorities and the downtrodden, Oprah Winfrey said she has no ambitions to run for president.

In a brief interview backstage at the event, Winfrey was told that “Oprah 2020” was circulating on Twitter, and asked whether she planned to run. “I don’t — I don’t,” the 63-year-old billionaire said.

Still, given her oratory skills and appeal, it could be difficult for some Democrats to shake the “Oprah 2020” mindset, given the lackluster list of alternative candidates potentially running in a few years.

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