Could ‘Secret’ Trump Voters Be His Key to Success in 2020? | NTK Network Could ‘Secret’ Trump Voters Be His Key to Success in 2020?

Could ‘Secret’ Trump Voters Be His Key to Success in 2020?

Trump voters who kept silent about their support for him outnumbered those who did the same for Hillary Clinton by a 2-to-1 margin.

By NTK Staff | 05.21.2019 @12:00pm
Could ‘Secret’ Trump Voters Be His Key to Success in 2020?

Nearly every poll predicted Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump on Election Day 2016. Trump proved all those polls wrong, thanks in part to thousands of “secret” voters who silently supported his campaign.

These aren’t the folks attending his rallies or wearing the red “Make America Great Again” hats. But they supported Trump nonetheless, and they could be invaluable to his reelection efforts in 2020.

Given how divisive Trump remains, the same effect could repeat itself in 2020. Polls in battleground states have recently shown Trump falling behind former vice president and Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden. But these polls, like the ones that showed Clinton winning in 2016, could be failing to tap into a secret reserve of support for Trump.

According to a study published by Motivational Science, a social science journal, they surveyed 1,000 people who “secretly voted for someone other than whom they publicly claimed to have voted for.” Of those, the majority said they voted for Trump:

They found that 53 percent of these secret voters voted for Trump, while 27 percent voted for Clinton. Another 19 percent voted for a third party candidate (some believe that support for fringe candidates like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson swung the election to Trump).

“Trump voters were more concerned about their reputation than Clinton supporters,” one of the study’s researchers said. Some agreed with Trump’s policies but wanted to distance themselves from some of the combative language Trump frequently used on the campaign trail.

Despite occupying the White House for more than 2 years now, not much has changed in terms of Trump’s demeanor or approach to national politics. It’s entirely possible that a similar phenomenon could occur in 2020, which may cast doubt on public polling yet again.

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