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DB Piece Slams Andrew Cuomo’s ‘War on the Press’

The New York governor is using state power to punish unfriendly news outfits, accusing them of defrauding New Yorkers.

By NTK Staff | 08.08.2018 @3:30pm
DB Piece Slams Andrew Cuomo’s ‘War on the Press’

An opinion post in The Daily Beast from left-wing journalist Alex Pareene accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) of waging “war on the press” in his state, using the government’s power to punish unfriendly outlets.

According to Pareene, Cuomo accused local New York news station NY1 and its owner, Charter Communications, of “defrauding the people” of New York, when a reporter from the outlet asked a question about dubious campaign fundraising.

U.S. attorneys are currently investigating the governor’s connections to the millions in campaign contributions, making NY1’s question perfectly legitimate.

After the first confrontation between Cuomo and an NY1 reporter, the state went after Charter:

On July 27, a week after that comment, the state abruptly ordered Charter to cease operating in New York entirely, following a hastily called special session and vote by an obscure regulatory body called the Public Service Commission. A few days later, Fink asked Cuomo another tough but perfectly legitimate question: whether he planned to return more than $400,000 in potentially illegal campaign donations from an upstate health care company currently under federal investigation for those donations.

Pareene notes a number of other instances where Cuomo has taken unusual (at best) steps to stamp out press criticism.

Read the piece here.

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