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Defeated Alabama Politician Takes Parting Shot at Trump

Mo Brooks, once a ‘Never-Trumper,’ sent out a post-mortem after he failed to make the Alabama Senate runoff that included a criticism of the president

By NTK Staff | 08.17.2017 @2:30pm
Defeated Alabama Politician Takes Parting Shot at Trump

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) fell short of the votes necessary to advance to the Republican primary runoff on Tuesday. Instead, former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore will face off against incumbent Sen. Luther Strange in September.

But on his way out the door, Brooks took it upon himself to text “journalists, lawmakers and top Republican officials” a post-mortem on why he lost and what will happen next.

Among Brooks’ musings was a parting shot at President Trump, who endorsed Strange. After explaining that he believed Trump’s endorsement was the reason for his defeat, he wrote this:

An interesting note. 68% of Alabama GOP Primary voters rejected [President Donald Trump’s] endorsement and voted against [Luther Strange]. Not yet sure what the national implications of that might be but we will find out.

During the 2016 presidential primary process, Brooks was a notable “Never-Trumper.” When it came to the general election, Brooks refused to say he would vote for Trump by name, insisting instead he would vote for “the Republican.”

After half-hearted attempts to cozy up to Trump during the Alabama Senate primary, it appears Brooks is back to old self, criticizing Trump and questioning his level of support in the southern state, which he won by 28 points in 2016.

Brooks earned just 19.7 percent of the vote on Tuesday. Moore finished in first with 38.9 percent, trailed closely by Strange at 32.8 percent.

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