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Dem Senator Questions EPA Nominee’s ‘Heart’

Sen. Tom Carper seemed to question whether one of President Trump's nominees is a good person, at a congressional hearing on Thursday.

By NTK Staff | 10.05.2017 @12:57pm

Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) questioned the “heart” of Trump EPA nominee Dr. Michael Dourson at a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on Wednesday.

“I always care about surrounding myself with people who have a good mind, but also a good heart, and there’s no question you have a good mind,” Carper said to Dourson.

The Delaware senator told the nominee that he does not question his intellectual credentials.

“There’s a question about your heart,” he added. “I don’t mind people saying to me that they think I’m dumb. I don’t like it, but what really hurts me is when they question my heart. And there’s really serious questions about your heart.”

Carper quoted Maya Angelou in criticizing Dourson, and told him that people are “afraid” of his nomination.

Dourson’s nomination has received praise from medical and environmental professionals across the country. Officials from the University of Nebraska, Michigan State, and the University of Minnesota have all offered support to his nomination, yet Carper finds it appropriate to personally attack Dourson.

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