Dem State Rep Threatens Trump [Graphic Language] | NTK Network Dem State Rep Threatens Trump [Graphic Language]

Dem State Rep Threatens Trump [Graphic Language]

Scott Hamann, a member of the Maine House of Representatives, said that Trump wouldn't finish his term if he ever got close to the president.

By NTK Staff | 07.12.2017 @4:12pm
Dem State Rep Threatens Trump [Graphic Language]

Democrat Maine State Representative Scott Hamann threatened President Trump on Facebook Tuesday night, saying, “Trump is a half term President, at most, especially if I ever get within 10 feet of that *****.” Hamann represents Maine House District 32.

Hamann’s comment came at the end of a long tirade against Republicans on a friend’s Facebook post, which you can read here:


In another post, Hamann called a Trump supporter a “dumb f*ck” who legitimized “fascists.” He then threatened the man’s significant other, saying, “And if I run into your wife/girlfriend I’ll be sure to follow Trump’s Access Hollywood advice about how women (sic) are allowed to treat women.”


Another screenshot showing a private conversation between Hamann and a self-identified “member of the media” indicates that the media member sought comment on the tirade from Hamann’s employer.

Hamann explained that he and his friend enjoy “an aggressively satirical relationship” and that his threat against the president was just that. He threatened to sue the media member before closing with, “Cease and desist.”

Hamann’s comments are only the latest in a string of violent Democrat rhetoric directed at the president.

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