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Dem Tax Reform Forum: Red States Are ‘Freeloaders’

Democrats held a forum on tax reform on Wednesday. They spent some of their time complaining that Republican states take their money.

By NTK Staff | 09.27.2017 @3:46pm

A Democratic tax reform forum on Wednesday spent its time criticizing Republican states, calling them “freeloaders,” who took from Democratic states.

Bruce Bartlett, a former Republican economist, said that Republicans’ only motivation was to “screw Democrats and Democratic voters.”

“If you look at the flow of federal funds, some states pay a lot in taxes to the federal government and get back very little in terms of benefits, and others get back an enormous amount, pay very little,” Bartlett said.

“The ones that pay are the blue states. The ones that get the welfare, freeloaders, are the red states,” he added.

Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) agreed with Bartlett’s assessment, saying that Republicans were trying to do the same thing with the health care system.

Seth Hanlon, a former economic staffer in the Obama White House, also voiced support for Bartlett’s sentiment, saying it was “certainly true in broad strokes.”

Bartlett’s analysis made little sense though, as the Democratic forum was criticizing Republican efforts to cut taxes. Democratic states paid the most in taxes, according to him, so Republican tax cuts would benefit ‘blue states’ the most.

If Republicans are only trying to “screw Democrats,” they’re doing a poor job of it.

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