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Democratic Senator Mansplains to Gina Haspel

"It's not that complicated," Sen. Martin Heinrich said in response to an answer Gina Haspel gave on Wednesday.

By NTK Staff | 05.09.2018 @1:03pm

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) spent five minutes grandstanding during Gina Haspel nomination hearing to become the next CIA Director before he did what could only be described as mansplaining while Haspel attempted to answer a question on Wednesday,

“Let’s move on to the videotapes. You told me earlier this week that you supported the decision of the CIA’s deputy director of operations to order the destruction of those videotapes depicting the use of EITs. Would you still support that order today,” Heinrich asked Haspel.

“Senator, I would not. I think it’s — as I said, it’s very important that people learn. Experience is a good teacher and the piece that was missing from the tapes was making sure that we had all the stakeholders concurrence,” Haspel said. “There’s also another very important leadership lesson and as director of CIA when your officers are concerned about their physical security you can’t let it languish in your inbox for three years with no action.”

Heinrich clearly unsatisfied with Haspel answer followed up by asking, “why couldn’t the agency have simply digitized that video and then blacked out the faces of any agents in those videos?”

Haspel attempted to answer Heinrich’s question but unsatisfied with her response, Heinrich asked yet again why the CIA couldn’t just blacked out the agents’ faces in the video.

“Senator, I’m just not a technical person,” Haspel began to respond.

“It’s not that complicated,” Heinrich interjected.

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