Democrats’ ‘Better Deal’ Fails to Address Tech, Outsourcing | NTK Network Democrats’ ‘Better Deal’ Fails to Address Tech, Outsourcing

Democrats’ ‘Better Deal’ Fails to Address Tech, Outsourcing

The Democrats’ plan, lauded by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, targets a whole host of industries, but carefully avoids upsetting tech giants.

By NTK Staff | 07.24.2017 @12:30pm
Democrats’ ‘Better Deal’ Fails to Address Tech, Outsourcing

The Democrats unveiled a new plan Monday that aims to help their candidates get elected in the 2018 midterm elections. Long criticized for having no message, this is the party’s attempt to fill the messaging gap.

While very little in the plan can be considered “new,” it is notable what the plan leaves out.

The Democrats spend a great deal of time attacking “corporate monopolies” and companies that abuse “economic and political power,” but the plan is careful to leave out some of the biggest corporations in the country.

Tech companies make up a significant portion of America’s “Fortune 50” companies. But nowhere in the Democrats’ plan are the names Apple, Amazon, Alphabet/Google, or Dell.

Apple, for example, employs about 40,000 Americans, but relies on more than 700,000 people overseas to engineer, build, and assemble its products.

And yet the Democrats’ plan, which is designed to create “Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages,” does not once address the fact that Apple outsources a tremendous number of jobs.

Curious why? Here’s a headline from The Hill that might clear things up:

“Tech cash skews to Democrats”

Indeed, the story notes that “more than 80 percent of the $2.4 million in donations that workers at Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple gave directly to candidates and causes affiliated with a party during the 2016 campaign cycle” went to Democrats.

So don’t be surprised if the “young lady who’s just getting out of college, and the Democratic voters who deserted us for Trump, the blue-collar worker,” as Schumer said on ABC News’ “This Week” on Sunday, both give Democrats’ new plan and its hypocrisy a collective eye roll.

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