Democrats Divided Over Impeaching President Trump | NTK Network Democrats Divided Over Impeaching President Trump

Democrats Divided Over Impeaching President Trump

"Dems should NOT commit to impeachment unless & until there's a demonstrable case for one. It is not just a matter of politics," David Axelrod said on Sunday.

By NTK Staff | 04.09.2018 @2:30pm
Democrats Divided Over Impeaching President Trump

Billionaire environmentalist and liberal donor Tom Steyer and Democratic strategist David Axelrod sparred over the issue of impeaching President Trump on Twitter this weekend, showing once again that the Democratic Party remains deeply divide on the issue of impeachment.

Steyer launched a $40 million impeachment campaign against Trump in 2017, and has been barnstorming the country in an attempt to gin up support among Democrats to impeach Trump.

Despite Steyer’s aggressive impeachment campaign, Democratic leadership has been hesitant to call for Trump’s impeachment.

Axelrod, who served as a senior adviser to President Barack Obama, voiced his opposition to Steyer’s efforts on Sunday:

Steyer responded with a tweet of his own:

Steyer has become increasingly upset with Democrats over their opposition to his impeachment campaign. The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Steyer’s displeasure:

Billionaire activist Tom Steyer is bringing a nationwide town hall tour promoting President Trump’s impeachment to Oakland, but he’s got more in mind than leading a pep rally for Bay Area liberals. He intends to shame Democrats who aren’t cheering along with him.

“I think there’s a question about what people are willing to say in public that they know is true,” said Steyer, a former San Francisco hedge fund manager who commands attention in left-leaning circles for the tens of millions he’s spent on registering voters and backing Democratic candidates.

Despite opposition from Democratic leadership, Steyer is showing no signs of halting his impeachment campaign.

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