Democrats Giving Abrams the ‘Hard Sell’ to Run for Senate in 2020 | NTK Network Democrats Giving Abrams the ‘Hard Sell’ to Run for Senate in 2020

Democrats Giving Abrams the ‘Hard Sell’ to Run for Senate in 2020

Despite growing pressure on Abrams to run for Senate, her actual ambition is to be governor.

By NTK Staff | 01.24.2019 @9:22am
Democrats Giving Abrams the ‘Hard Sell’ to Run for Senate in 2020

Top Democrats are continuing to give Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams the “hard sell” on challenging Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) and running for Senate in 2020.

Abrams ran for governor in 2018 but fell short to now-Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA). The race was a close one, and Abrams openly considered legal action for what she believed were voting irregularities. But ultimately, she conceded and is currently on a statewide tour thanking her supporters while simultaneously keeping her name in the news.

Her statewide name ID, fundraising ability, and star power are the attributes that have Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Catherine Cortez Masto, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and John Lewis all talking to Abrams about a Senate run.

The only problem? It doesn’t sound like she wants the job. Still, according to Abram’s ally, state Rep. Al Williams, they’re giving her the “hard sell”:

The biggest thing in the way of that push is Abrams’ ambition to be Georgia’s governor. “She’s the obvious frontrunner for the race. But I still think she wants to be the governor and she always has, and that’s going to weigh on her,” said Jason Carter, Democrats’ 2014 gubernatorial nominee and the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter.

That’s why some Democrats believe Abrams is unlikely to challenge Georgia Sen. David Perdue, the freshman senator and former businessman, though they say the pull from the national party to build on her momentum from 2018 could change that.

If it’s true that Abrams would much rather run again for governor than Senate, national Democrats are losing out on a top recruit. Though Georgia has traditionally been a Republican state, Democrats believe they are close to turning it blue and cite Abram’s near-miss in 2018 as evidence.

If Abrams decides against a run, Democrats will scramble to find a suitable candidate to take on Perdue, and the field could potentially be crowded. Potential candidates include failed congressional candidate Jon Ossoff, the mayor of Columbus, Georgia, and a state representative.

Abrams set a deadline for herself to make a decision about whether to run by the end of March.

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