Democrats in Disarray: Bernie’s ‘Our Revolution’ in Chaos | NTK Network Democrats in Disarray: Bernie’s ‘Our Revolution’ in Chaos

Democrats in Disarray: Bernie’s ‘Our Revolution’ in Chaos

The group was designed to carry the socialist senator’s legacy. Instead, it’s full of infighting and with little to show for their efforts.

By NTK Staff | 05.21.2018 @11:00am
Democrats in Disarray: Bernie’s ‘Our Revolution’ in Chaos

The group “Our Revolution,” formed by former staffers of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) after his improbable success in the Democrat presidential primary in 2016, was designed to carry the socialist senator’s legacy and potentially set up his 2020 candidacy, should he decide to run again.

Instead, the group has been accused of being primarily a promotional vehicle for Sanders. “Our Revolution has shown no ability to tip a major Democratic election in its favor — despite possessing Sanders’ email list, the envy of the Democratic Party — and can claim no major wins in 2018 as its own,” a Politico piece published Monday read.

The top complaints among “disillusioned” backers of the group include:

— Board members and Sanders presidential delegates from 2016 have raised questions about whether the group’s president, Nina Turner, is using her position to prepare for a presidential run of her own, and to settle scores with the Democratic National Committee from 2016.

— Two weeks ago, the group’s board of directors nixed Turner’s attempt to install her personal political consultant and friend as her chief of staff, even though the person had no experience in political organizing and had praised President Donald Trump repeatedly and attacked immigrants on Fox News.

— Monthly online fundraising totals have plummeted to just one-third of the group’s take a year ago, based on an analysis of processing fees reported to the IRS by Act Blue, the tool Our Revolution uses, and verified by several people familiar with its finances. Our Revolution maintains that it’s still running a surplus and that repeat donations are steady.

— Amid the poor fundraising, Our Revolution earlier this month filed paperwork to launch a PAC so Sanders can help it raise money directly and so the group can coordinate directly with campaigns.

— A founding board member resigned last month, saying Our Revolution wasn’t paying adequate attention to Latino candidates and issues of importance to Latinos.

While there’s plenty of time for the group to turn things around and help boost Sanders in 2020, time is running out on the 2018 midterm races. If Our Revolution wants to be a real player in Democrat primaries happening now, and general elections this fall, it’s going to need a lot of work.

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