DEMS IN REVOLT: Democrat Activists Confront Schumer, Dem Leaders at Rally | NTK Network DEMS IN REVOLT: Democrat Activists Confront Schumer, Dem Leaders at Rally

DEMS IN REVOLT: Democrat Activists Confront Schumer, Dem Leaders at Rally

In an event that was supposed to rally their progressive base, Congressional Democrats faced angry calls of "Do your job" and "Walk the walk" from Democrats in attendance.

By NTK Staff | 01.31.2017 @7:59am

Holding a rally with Democratic activists Monday night outside the Supreme Court, Democratic Senate and House Leaders expected to receive a warm welcome from their progressive base. Instead they faced heckling calls of “Do your job” and “Walk the walk” from the same people who have driven efforts to get them elected.

As Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) attempted to lead a joint press conference and rally, angry chants at Congressional Democrats’ supposed acquiescence to the Trump administration sometimes drowned them out.

As Pelosi prepared to speak, progressive activists chanted “walk the walk,” apparently surprising the former speaker of the House, who delayed her remarks for several seconds.

Later on, the crowd chanted angrily, “Do your job!” as Representative Doris Matsui (D-CA) spoke and Schumer introduced another speaker. One protestor yelled at the Senate minority leader, “Show some spine!” And another yelled, “No more photo ops!”

David Weigel of The Washington Post reported more on the scene:

It was supposed to be the congressional Democrats’ merger with the protest movements that had sprung up to pressure them, a rally at the Supreme Court against President Trump’s executive orders on refugees and immigration. But at times, the event looked like an awkward mass marriage, marred by bad communication.

After the sun set on Monday and Democrats made their way from the Capitol, a crowd of at least 1,000 protesters was waiting on the narrow path between the court and its first set of stairs. The crowd, bent around a path that had been left open for Democrats, launched into chants of “Hands too small, can’t build a wall” and “Build a fence around Mike Pence.” Some shouted, “Walk the walk!” — a command to the Democrats themselves…

“What the president did is not constitutional,” said Pelosi.

“You’re not doing anything if you don’t stop Sessions!” yelled one protester…

Monday night’s event suggested that congressional Democrats have not prepared themselves to control the anger of their progressive base. Democrat activists were planning Tuesday to march to Schumer’s New York home to demand he oppose the Trump administration.

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