Despite Unity Tour, Democrats Still Feeling Divided | NTK Network Despite Unity Tour, Democrats Still Feeling Divided

Despite Unity Tour, Democrats Still Feeling Divided

“We feel abandoned,” Democrats in Detroit told DNC Chairman Tom Perez…

By NTK Staff | 04.24.2017 @12:33pm
Despite Unity Tour, Democrats Still Feeling Divided

Democrats are doing their best to paint a rosy picture of their so-called “Unity Tour,” which concluded last week. DNC Chairman Tom Perez and liberal darling Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) crisscrossed the country last week to resolve lingering differences within the party that were brought to the fore during 2016’s presidential primary.

But lingering doubts continue to plague many Democrats:

At a black church in Detroit last month, congregants murmured “Amen” when an African-American woman came to the microphone to tell Perez, “We feel abandoned and we feel taken for granted.” Last week, steelworkers told him they didn’t know whom to trust anymore.

The tour has been nothing short of a disaster, as unity is about the last characteristic anyone would use to describe these events. For one thing, Perez was routinely booed when he spoke to the Democratic crowds. Crowds booed the DNC chair on Monday in Maine, Wednesday in Florida, and Friday in Utah – all at so-called “unity” rallies.

Perez, however, thinks the boos are a good sign. “And for every boo-bird, there’s 400 people who want the party to succeed, have frustrations, and want to make sure that somebody is listening to them.”

Perez better hope his math is right, or his tenure as chairman may be very short.

Meanwhile, Sanders, who speaks after Perez at all of these events, continues to blast the Democratic Party.

“We must conclude that the current model, the current process by which the Democratic Party does business, is a failed process,” Sanders said minutes after Perez left the stage in Mesa. “That is why I am here tonight. Enough is enough.”

Thousands of Sanders supporters hang on his every word and agree with the senator, making Perez’s job all the more difficult. “I want to see that whole thing taken apart and dismantled,” one rally attendee told NBC News last week.

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