Did Richard Cordray Rig the CFPB Against Trump? | NTK Network Did Richard Cordray Rig the CFPB Against Trump?

Did Richard Cordray Rig the CFPB Against Trump?

The departed director indicated in a CNN interview that he did everything he could to prevent the president from controlling the agency.

By NTK Staff | 11.28.2017 @11:41am

Former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Richard Cordray indicated on CNN on Tuesday that he rigged the agency against possible oversight from President Trump’s administration.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo argued that it’s always been assumed that the president has the authority to appoint the head of various federal agencies.

“The law says that the director shall appoint a deputy director, so I felt obliged to fulfill that duty on my way out the door,” Cordray responded, hinting that he took steps before stepping down to thwart Trump control over the CFPB.

He then compared the organization to the Federal Reserve, arguing that Trump could not appoint someone to oversee the Federal Reserve in the absence of its chair.

“What do you make of the criticism that you did this to frustrate the president?” Cuomo asked.

Cordray refused to directly answer the question, giving an answer akin to a “too bad” approach. “You do the things you do as part of carrying out your mission as an agency, and our mission is to protect consumers,” he said. “If that frustrates the president, the president like everyone else has to deal with the law, has to be bound by the law.”

Trump has cited other statutes that give him the authority to appoint agency heads in the event of vacancies.

Cordray has been mentioned as a possible Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Ohio in 2018, and his alleged sabotage of Trump’s administration could help him in a primary of Democrats still angry at the 2016 election loss.

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