Does Nancy Pelosi Still Think North Korea Is A Laughing Matter? | NTK Network Does Nancy Pelosi Still Think North Korea Is A Laughing Matter?

Does Nancy Pelosi Still Think North Korea Is A Laughing Matter?

In July the House Minority Leader said she was more worried about North Korea selling its weapons to a rogue nation than using them on America.

By NTK Staff | 08.08.2017 @5:23pm

Last month, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) awkwardly laughed when asked if she was concerned about North Korea’s growing nuclear weapons program.

But the Washington Post reported on Tuesday that North Korea has now developed a nuclear warhead capable of fitting inside its missiles.

During Pelosi’s weekly press briefing on July 13, 2017, a reporter asked her about a recent intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch that North Korea had conducted and whether she was worried about her home city of San Francisco.

Pelosi awkwardly laughed at the reporter’s question, and in her answer didn’t express concern for San Francisco, but rather that North Korea would sell their weapons to a rogue nation or lone wolf.

“It’s about who they might want to sell it to. Maybe not an intercontinental ballistic missile but some of their other missile technology,” Pelosi told the reporter. “So, I’m concerned about North Korea for many reasons. But one of them, in addition to most of what you have heard, is that North Korea could be a proliferator.”

At the time, Pelosi did note that there wasn’t a certainty as to whether North Korea had miniaturized a nuclear warhead to fit on a missile that could travel to the United States.

“All of these demonstrations of strength are really a roadshow for them to sell to a rogue nation or lone wolf, or whoever, some very dangerous technology. So, this requires a — most mature leadership…. and knowledgeable appraisal of what our options are there,” Pelosi concluded.

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