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Donald Trump’s Big Red Button

A new interview with Donald Trump revealed a surprising quirk about the new president's desk in the Oval Office.

By NTK Staff | 04.28.2017 @3:05pm
Donald Trump’s Big Red Button

Most lead paragraphs for news articles, especially interviews with the president, start with a summary of the most important things said. Demetri Sevastopulo’s piece on Trump for the Financial Times started with a story:

Sitting across from Donald Trump in the Oval Office, my eyes are drawn to a little red button on a box that sits on his desk. “This isn’t the nuclear button, is it?” I joke, pointing. “No, no, everyone thinks it is,” Trump says on cue, before leaning over and pressing it to order some Cokes. “Everyone does get a little nervous when I press that button.”

The dark humor and plainspoken style of Trump are hallmarks of his upstart presidential campaign, showing a president that has changed little – at least, from a personality perspective – since he took office in January.

The anecdote also comes as Trump engages in America’s most high-stakes confrontation with a foreign power in recent memory, with North Korea. Trump refused to rule out a “major, major” conflict in an interview with Reuters this week.

Right now, President Trump’s big red button gets him a Coke. Will he have to use the other big red button in his presidency? With one hundred days down, we’ll find out in the 1,360 to go.

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