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Elizabeth Warren: Fiscal Conservatism “Made Sense”

The liberal firebrand revealed that she was very attracted to Reagan-era fiscal conservatism.

By NTK Staff | 06.13.2017 @12:31pm

Liberal firebrand Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) told former Obama staffer David Axelrod on Monday, in an appearance on his podcast, that she once believed fiscal conservatism “made sense.”

Warren, who has become a champion of the far-left during her tenure in the Senate, admitted that she was a registered Republican when she was younger.

Axelrod pointed out that Warren’s younger years were the period of the Reagan revolution, which inspired an interest in support for free market policies.

“I thought fiscal conservatism is good,” she said. “It’s good to have a government that tries to live within its budget and I thought that made some sense.”

However, Warren denied that she was politically active, only admitting that she voted.

Warren’s comments are reminiscent of answers she gave in an interview with The Daily Beast in 2011 when she was first running for Senate:

“I was a Republican because I thought that those were the people who best supported markets. I think that is not true anymore,” Warren says. “I was a Republican at a time when I felt like there was a problem that the markets were under a lot more strain. It worried me whether or not the government played too activist a role.”

Did she vote for Ronald Reagan, who ushered in much of the financial deregulation which Warren has devoted her life to stopping? “I’m not going to talk about who I voted for,” she says.

These are strange times indeed, when the hero of the far-left of the Democratic Party praises fiscally-conservative policies, and refuses to say whether she voted for Ronald Reagan.

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