Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan… to Steal Voters from Joe Biden | NTK Network Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan… to Steal Voters from Joe Biden

Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan… to Steal Voters from Joe Biden

The PCCC launched the “Switch to Warren” effort, which will focus on picking off supporters of the former vice president and undecided voters.

By NTK Staff | 06.24.2019 @9:22am
Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan… to Steal Voters from Joe Biden

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) wants to be known as the Democratic presidential candidate with a plan. On Monday, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) helped Warren add another plan to her repertoire: steal Joe Biden’s voters.

Joe Biden’s supporters “are ready to bolt,” according to the man running the “Switch to Warren” effort who spoke to BuzzFeed News.

Adam Green co-founded the PCCC in 2012. The group says it’s focusing on Biden supporters “concerned most about nominating the candidate best positioned to defeat President Trump.”

“They don’t need an excuse,” Green said of Biden voters, citing Warren’s recent rise in the polls. “The moment they get a sense that he’s not the best to go against Trump, they won’t need any further permission to leave Biden for somebody else.”

Green said the group is focusing on two pockets of voters that they believe are most likely to be open to Warren’s message: Biden supporters and undecided voters.

“People think Warren’s challenge is how to take a bunch of Bernie supporters,” Green said of the other leading progressive in the race. “The two big honeypots for Warren are actually Biden supporters and undecided voters, all of whom are electability voters looking to go with somebody who can inspire voters in the general election.”

Warren has been steadily rising in the polls over the past few weeks, and her list of policy proposals, which total more than $127 trillion in new spending, appear to be appealing to Democratic primary voters.

Just last week, a Minnesota Democratic primary poll showed Warren in first place, and Trump’s pollster Tony Fabrizio tweeted that he expected to see Biden in third and Warren leading the pack by October.

The PCCC’s “Switch to Warren” effort is yet another sign that the Democratic Party is far from united in its presidential primary. Though Biden has led the field since before he entered the race, his comments about segregationists last week upset many and unleashed a flurry of attacks from his fellow 2020 rivals.

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