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Elizabeth Warren Wanted ‘To Raise An Army’ After Trump Inauguration

The Massachusetts Democrat ratcheted up the heated rhetoric Monday when she claimed she wanted to "raise" an army "of the people" against Trump

By NTK Staff | 08.29.2017 @11:57am

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said that after President Trump was inaugurated, she went home to Boston, MA and thought about raising an army during a “Women … the Soul of A Nation” event hosted by Bernice King on Monday.

During the crowd question and answer portion of the event, Warren was asked what she thought about Mahatma Gandhi saying that “the future is with women.”

“I think that women are coming into a moment right now,” Warren told the crowd. “You know, I went to the inauguration and watched the transition of power from President Obama to President Trump and for me, it was a hard moment.”

Warren explained she had not supported Trump and, “fought pretty vigorously and pretty loudly against him.”

“The next morning, I was back in Boston and thinking about what are we going to do?” Warren told the crowd.

Warren expressed to the crowd her concern at the time that Republicans would take health care away from the American people and roll back financial regulation.

“I was worrying about these things, and I was thinking about, we have to raise an army, an army of our voices, an army of the people,” Warren told the crowd. “I was thinking about this as I was heading into a march on that Saturday morning. It was the Women’s March.”

Warren continued by saying that while this was going on, she “was thinking, where’s our army gonna come from?”

Warren then told a story about how during the march, she saw a little girl holding up a sign that read, “I fight like a girl.”

“I thought me too, sweetie. That’s what this is gonna be about. Me too,” Warren concluded.

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