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Elizabeth Warren’s 501(c)(4) Hypocrisy

The Massachusetts senator supported Hillary Clinton's new 501(c)(4) on Monday, despite previously denouncing such organizations.

By NTK Staff | 05.16.2017 @12:51pm
Elizabeth Warren’s 501(c)(4) Hypocrisy

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tweeted out her support for Hillary Clinton’s new 501(c)(4), Onward Together, on Monday, despite having co-sponsored legislation that would get rid of 501(c)(4)s.

Warren has also attacked such organizations in the past as exactly what’s wrong with Washington.

Clinton’s Onward Together is listed as 501(c)(4). By doing this, Clinton can take so-called ‘dark money.’

‘Dark money’ refers to money that comes from donors who legally do not have to be disclosed. These donors can give unlimited amounts of money to these groups as well.

In 2014, Warren co-sponsored the DISCLOSE Act in 2014 which would “end the practice of using 501(c)4 and 501(c)6 nonprofit status as a means to contribute relatively anonymously to political campaigns.”

Warren was particular outspoken about money in politics in her new book “This Fight Is Our Fight.” She wrote “money slithers thought politics like a snake.”

In the book, Warren went on to say:

“The more-money, more-money, more-money drumbeat is relentless. Its corrupting influence is felt everywhere, and it is transforming Washington into a place where a cornucopia of favors are for sale. If we don’t fight to stop this dangerous trend, or democracy will turn into the political version of a shopping mall.”

Warren also called for a “comprehensive strategy for ending this money madness.”

“We need constitutional amendments. reversal of the Citizens United Supreme Court opinion that let money flood into politics, new ways to finance campaigns, better disclosure of political spending, restrictions on giving by government contractors,” Warren wrote in her book, claiming that these steps “would only begin to clean up the muck.”

Given Warren’s strong views on ‘dark money’ in politics, it may surprise some that Warren has come out and supported Clinton’s 501(c)(4).

But Warren also acknowledges, in her section on ‘dark money’ in politics, that “the politicians who know best how to work the money angles will be among the most powerful in Washington.”

Are Warren’s political ambitions behind her support of Clinton’s 501(c)(4)? She would certainly stand to gain from Clinton-backed money if she launches a presidential campaign in 2020.

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