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Emanuel: Democrats Are 1,000 Seats Behind Republicans

Anybody that tells you that Democrats will retake the House in 2018 hasn't been involved in campaigns, the Chicago Mayor and former White House Chief of Staff said.

By NTK Staff | 06.20.2017 @4:32pm

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) said that the Democratic Party is 1,000 seats behind the Republican Party and that it is too early for anyone to start talking about flipping the House of Representatives in 2018 at the National Press Club on Monday.

The National Press Club’s moderator asked Emanuel about what impact Tuesday’s special election will have on Democrats and whether Emanuel thinks Democrats can retake the Houe in 2018.

“Sure it can happen anybody that tells you it will happen this far out doesn’t hasn’t been in campaigns, it’s too far to predict, a lot of things happen,” Emanuel said regarding Democrats chances in 2018. “I’d rather be a Democrat today going into 2018 than a Republican.”

Emanuel then noted that every time the House of Representatives has flipped, it has occurred during a midterm election.

“No party has gone into a midterm with a president this unpopular at this point,” Emanuel continued, “without a severe consequence to that party’s position in the House.”

Emanuel then told the crowd, “As somebody who has spent my life building the party, we are 1,000 seats shorter today than we were in 2009 or 2008.”

“This is not about one election. It’s about building a party,” said Emanuel in closing. “It’s about making sure we win state house seats in North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and New Mexico.”

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