Eminem Goes Off in the United Kingdom: 'F*** Trump' | NTK Network Eminem Goes Off in the United Kingdom: ‘F*** Trump’

Eminem Goes Off in the United Kingdom: ‘F*** Trump’

The iconic and often controversial rapper Eminem expressed his displeasure with Trump at recent performances in Scotland and England.

By NTK Staff | 08.29.2017 @10:10am

Controversial rapper Eminem sported a “FACK TRUMP” shirt during three recent festival performances in Scotland and England, and sounded off on President Trump during performances at Glasgow Summer Sessions and the Reading Festival.

Before performing his iconic 2002 song, “White America,” at Glasgow in front of a crowd of 35,000, Eminem told the crowd:

“Shit ain’t going so well in the states, and I just want to take this moment out right now to say mother f***, Donald Trump!”

According to the Detroit Free Press, Eminem echoed a similar sentiment during his performance at the Reading Festival in England on Saturday:

“[Eminem] returned to the theme Saturday in front of 80,000-plus in Reading, England: “I’m not about to stand up here and use this (profanity) stage for some kind of a platform to be all political,” he said sarcastically. “And I don’t want to cause any controversy, so I won’t say no names. But this (profanity) Donald Trump, I can’t stand!”

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