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Environmentalist Billionaire Drags Out #CAGOV Bid

Tom Steyer, who has sunk millions into failed Democratic campaigns, is playing coy about running for governor in California...

By NTK Staff | 05.12.2017 @11:37am
Environmentalist Billionaire Drags Out #CAGOV Bid

In 2014, billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer spent upwards of $70 million on congressional, Senate, and gubernatorial races. The result? A “stunning disappointment, and a low return” for Steyer, according to the Washington Post.

Two years later, 2016 was essentially a repeat of 2014 for Steyer, who this time spent $88 million on far-left Democrats – including Hillary Clinton – who were unable to connect with voters and ultimately lost their campaign bids.

Steyer himself has weighed the option of running for public office for years. Politico reported on Steyer’s “shadow campaign” last year, and noted his California maneuvering “underscores how he’s strategically engaging key constituencies in the nation’s most populous state.”

On Friday, a Los Angeles Times reporter confirmed Steyer’s coy approach to public office:

Current California Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, is ineligible to run for re-election due to term limits.

One very serious problem for Steyer will be his standing among Californians. A recent University of California poll found Lt. Gov. Gavin Newson (D-CA) leading the field with 24 percent. In that same poll, Steyer received just five percent of the vote.

Steyer has shown a willingness to part with his money, however, and that’s something he’ll be forced to do to increase his name recognition and take out political foes in what’s sure to be a crowded jungle primary in June 2018.

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