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EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Talks the Benefits of Pulling out of the Paris Deal

Pruitt discussed why he thinks withdrawing from the accord will help small business owners, and more, during a series of Sunday show interviews.

By NTK Staff | 06.04.2017 @3:52pm
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Talks the Benefits of Pulling out of the Paris Deal

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt went on the Sunday political talk shows to discuss how President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord will benefit the American people.

Here are some highlights from Pruitt’s interviews:

During an appearance on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Pruitt highlighted the bright future for American energy.

“Since the fourth quarter of last year to most recently added 50,000 jobs in the coal sector. In the month of May alone, 7,000 jobs,” Pruitt told NBC’s Chuck Todd.

Pruitt continued, “here’s what’s key about our power grid in this country. You have to have fuel diversity, Chuck. Because if we go to an all-renewable, all-natural gas type of approach, if there is an attack on the transportation network, there is only so much natural gas that can go into that facility to generate electricity.”

“We need solids stored on site to draw down upon for threats to our grid. Fuel diversity, stability, consistency is key to the manufacturing base,” Pruitt concluded. “It’s also key to keeping costs low. Our price-per-kilowatt is far less in Germany, far less than what it is in Europe. We need to keep that approach.”

Then on ABC’s “This Week” Pruitt discussed how small businesses across the United States are celebrating President Trump’s decision to pull out of the accord.

“Well, when you look at, even The New York Times had an article, I think, within the last couple of days that talked about small business celebrating, euphoria with respect to the president’s decision,” Pruitt told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

Pruitt continued, “this makes common sense: that when you take energy-sector jobs and say, ‘we’re no longer going to produce energy in those sectors’ it is going to impact the manufacturing base and the energy jobs in this country.”

“We’ve had over 50,000 jobs since last quarter – coal jobs, mining jobs – created in this country. We’ve had almost 7,000 mining and coal jobs created in the month of May alone. The unemployment rate is 4.3 percent.”

“This president’s deregulation agenda, particularly in the energy space, is making a substantial impact on the jobs across this country and giving people hope,” Pruitt concluded. “I will say this to you, it’s also rejecting the previous administration’s view that you can’t grow jobs and protect the environment.”

While on “Fox News Sunday,” Pruitt again explained how pulling out of this accord will benefit American workers, especially those in the coal industry.

“We should not penalize sectors of our economy, Chris. Government regulation shouldn’t be used to pick winners and losers,” Pruitt told Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

Pruitt continued, “the past administration declared a war on coal and there were several coal facilities across this country shut down because of their past efforts. That is not what government regulation should be about.”

“Government regulation should be about making things regular, not picking winners and losers, and making sure we have fuel diversity in generating electricity in this country,” Pruitt concluded. “And, as I indicated, the job numbers show already, already, that this president’s deregulatory agenda, his leadership in the energy space is making a difference for jobs across this country, almost 50,000 in the coal sector alone.”

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