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EU Court Forces Hungary, Slovakia to Accept Refugees

Many commentators attribute the European Union's refugee crisis as a main motivator for the UK's exit.

By NTK Staff | 09.06.2017 @9:57am
EU Court Forces Hungary, Slovakia to Accept Refugees

The European Union’s highest court ruled Wednesday that EU leadership could force both Hungary and Slovakia to accept refugees in a move bound to engender controversy in already Eurosceptic countries.

According to Reuters, the court “ruled that the EU was entitled to order national governments to take in quotas of mainly Syrian refugees relocated from Italy and Greece.”

Hungary and Slovakia had argued that they did not have to accept the Muslim and African asylum seekers, but the European Court of Justice overruled their national sovereignty, ordering the resettlement of 160,000 refugees:

The programme set up by the executive European Commission was approved by majority vote of member states in the face of opposition from formerly communist countries in the east who said their societies could not absorb mainly Muslim immigrants.

It provided for the relocation of up to 160,000 people, but only some 25,000 have so far been moved.

The supranational organization has come under fire in the past for its hardline refugee acceptance policy, forcing countries to accept more and more immigrants. Some commentators attributed the surprise groundswell in the 2016 Brexit vote to hostility to the EU’s immigration policy.

Already, Hungary has experienced a populist backlash to the EU’s stance, centralizing power under right-wing nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, while far-right parties have gained traction in Slovakia as well.

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