Everyone Hates Clinton’s New Book Before It’s Even Released | NTK Network Everyone Hates Clinton’s New Book Before It’s Even Released

Everyone Hates Clinton’s New Book Before It’s Even Released

Democrats from all backgrounds, Clinton and Sanders backers alike, are vocally blasting the book and its message before it hits bookshelves.

By NTK Staff | 09.07.2017 @10:16am
Everyone Hates Clinton’s New Book Before It’s Even Released

Hillary Clinton’s new book, “What Happened” is slated to be released on Tuesday, but as the former secretary of state gears up for a book tour, her approval rating is hitting an all-time low.

Politico reports just 30 percent of Americans give Clinton a thumbs up, noting that is “the lowest recorded [approval rating] for her.”

That low approval, paired with Democrats disinterested in fighting the battles of 2016 as the party looks forward to the 2018 midterms, has spawned vocal criticism of Clinton’s new book and tour.

Here are just a few reactions from notable Democrats:

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO):

Asked whether she was excited about Clinton’s book tour, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), one of Republicans’ top 2018 targets, responded first with, “Beg your pardon?”

Asked again, she started shaking her head, walking away.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR):

“I’ve always been a looking forward kind of a guy,” said Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), asked the same question on Wednesday. “I think I’ll leave it at that.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT):

“My response is that right now it’s appropriate to look forward and not backward,” he said in a statement. “I’m working overtime now to see we overturn (President Donald) Trump’s decision on (the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program), pass a $15-an-hour minimum wage and next week I’ll be offering a Medicare-for-all single-payer system.”

“Our job is to go forward,” he added.

Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA):

“There is a collective groan,” he said, “whenever there’s another news cycle about this.”

Anonymous Clinton Surrogate/Fundraiser:

“The best thing she could do is disappear,” said one former Clinton fundraiser and surrogate who played an active role at the convention. “She’s doing harm to all of us because of her own selfishness. Honestly, I wish she’d just shut the f— up and go away.”

Anonymous Former Obama Aide:

“None of this is good for the party,” said one former Obama aide. “It’s the Hillary Show, 100 percent. A lot of us are scratching our heads and wondering what she’s trying to do. It’s certainly not helpful.”

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