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Exchange Between Rosenstein and Jordan Gets Heated

The Deputy Attorney General and Freedom Caucus member sparred over DOJ procedures through thinly veiled contempt for each other.

By NTK Staff | 06.28.2018 @12:00pm

An exchange between Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein boiled over into open hostility at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday, with the men barely containing their thinly veiled contempt for one another.

Questioning Rosenstein, Jordan opened fire right at the start, asking, “Why are you keeping information of Congress?” The representative has charged the Department of Justice in recent weeks of hiding information related to the Trump-Russia investigation.

Rosenstein denied that he was working to hide information, and Jordan responded with the speculation that the House of Representatives was preparing to pass a resolution saying otherwise.

“If they do, they’ll be mistaken. They’ll be mistaken,” Rosenstein shot back, wagging his finger at Jordan.

The Republican congressman continued to question Rosenstein about allegedly witholding information, and he repeatedly interrupted the deputy attorney general during his answers. At one point, Rosenstein laughed at Jordan’s interruption.

Several Democrats attempted to stop Jordan’s questions, and Rosenstein, Jordan, and the Democrats sparred for several minutes. In a number of instances, the deputy attorney general gave short, curt answers to Jordan’s questions.

At another point, the Republican cited media reports that Rosenstein threatened to subpoena phone calls and emails of House Intelligence Committee staffers.

Rosenstein denied those reports, quipping, “There’s no way to subpoena phone calls.” The room laughed at his comments. “I would suggest that you not rely on what the press says,” he added.

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