EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 'Indivisible' Co-Founders Spotted at Soros-Sponsored Summit | NTK Network EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: ‘Indivisible’ Co-Founders Spotted at Soros-Sponsored Summit

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: ‘Indivisible’ Co-Founders Spotted at Soros-Sponsored Summit

Inside video obtained from the Democracy Alliance Donor Summit by NTK Network shows Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin, co-founders of the so-called 'grassroots' Indivisible movement, hobnobbing with big Democratic money.  

By NTK Staff | 03.23.2017 @11:46am

Exclusive video obtained by NTK shows Indivisible co-founders Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin meeting with participants at a George Soros-funded Democracy Alliance Donor Summit in Washington, DC Wednesday night.

Greenberg and Levin can be seen sitting at a table in the bar area of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, meeting with participants in the Democracy Alliance Donor Summit which was taking place at the Mandarin.

A Democracy Alliance document listed Greenberg as a presenter in one session entitled “Demanding Democracy and Building Power: Fueling and Sustaining the Progressive Resistance.” The document also listed progressive financier George Soros as a member of the Host Committee.

DA Doc 1

DA Doc 2

The video deals a major blow to Indivisible‘s claim of being a “grassroots advocacy” movement. Contrary to a bottom-up, people-inspired movement, Indivisible’s leaders are instead meeting with bigwig Democrat donors in the bar of a swanky DC hotel.

hotel lobby

Sarah Dohl, an Indivisible board member, previously stressed in an interview with CNN, “that none of its money is coming from billionaire George Soros.”

In a February interview with CNN, Levin claimed that the group was making no money off the venture and had received only “small donations.”

Previously, Indivisible affiliates have disrupted Republican town halls and harassed Republican Members of Congress.

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