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Far-Left Dems Are Revolting Against Pelosi’s Impeachment Position

The effort is being led by Rep. Al Green, who is working to bring another impeachment vote to the House floor.

By NTK Staff | 03.13.2019 @12:15pm
Far-Left Dems Are Revolting Against Pelosi’s Impeachment Position

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told the Washington Post Magazine earlier this week that President Trump’s “just not worth” impeaching, she perhaps inadvertently set off a firestorm among the far-left liberals in Congress.

A vocal minority of Pelosi’s caucus routinely focus on impeachment during media appearances and on social media, and it is those individuals who are crying out in response to her latest claim that she will not pursue impeachment.

The group is being led by Rep. Al Green (D-TX), who brought an impeachment vote to the House floor in 2017. It was soundly defeated, 364-58. But the new Congress sworn in this past January gave Democrats the majority and a bit more leverage.

Green claimed he would not address Pelosi’s statement directly, but he took not-so-veiled shots at the speaker in the hours after her interview broke:

“This is a sad set of circumstances when we conclude ‘it’s not worth it’ to impeach a bigoted president who is causing harm to a society,” Green said on C-SPAN Tuesday morning.

Green cited bigotry and a slew of offensive comments and controversial policy choices Trump has made over his first two years in office as the primary reasons to impeach the president. But he also pointed to potential obstruction of justice, including referencing Trump’s firing of now-former FBI Director James Comey.

“I won’t address Speaker Pelosi, but here’s what I will address: There are opinion-makers and opinion-shapers who want to maintain the status quo,” Green said in the interview. “For them, bigotry is a talking point, not an action item. It’s an action item for me.”

If Green is successful in bringing an impeachment vote to the House floor yet again, it could cause more headaches for House Democratic leadership, most of whom do not want to act on impeachment until Special Counsel Robert Mueller concludes his investigation into the Trump organization’s alleged collusion with Russia.

But Green is not alone. Liberal billionaire environmentalist and megadonor Tom Steyer, who has spent millions on a public relations campaign to raise support for impeachment, penned an op-ed in USA Today Wednesday arguing that the country “need[s] patriots to step up to protect our nation and laws.” He believes Pelosi is in the wrong when she says Trump isn’t worth impeaching. Here’s an excerpt from his op-ed:

We have never before had a president who so plainly deserves to be impeached. But beyond that, if Congress neglects its duty to do so, it will have catastrophic consequences for our nation — setting a terrible precedent, undermining our constitutional system, and leaving it vulnerable to deeper damage.

Liberal firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also told CNN’s Manu Raju that she does not agree with Pelosi’s assessment on impeachment.

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