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Far Left Dreading Clinton’s Return to Politics

The New Republic takes a look at the inherent flaws associated with Hillary Clinton launching a political action committee after her stunning 2016 loss…

By NTK Staff | 05.08.2017 @3:51pm
Far Left Dreading Clinton’s Return to Politics

Hillary Clinton is launching a political action committee (PAC), and among the loudest groans at Clinton’s continued involvement in national politics is the far left, who fear Clinton has learned nothing from her stunning loss in 2016:

In her interview last Tuesday with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, the first lengthy debrief she has given since the election, Clinton gave little indication that her loss to Trump has caused her to rethink her approach to politics. When asked what she could have been done differently, she failed to point to any specific problems with her own campaign strategy (like ghosting on Michigan) or the fact that she ran as an establishment candidate in an anti-establishment year.

In a piece for The New Republic, Clio Chang details the “worst case scenario” of a Clinton return to politics:

But the worst case would be if Clinton raised money only to spend it propping up loyalists, hindering more progressive candidates and causes, and giving a distinctly Clintonian shape to an organic grassroots movement that has so far operated outside the Democratic Party’s control. What’s worrisome is that this is not a far-fetched scenario. Clinton notoriously prizes loyalty above all else, to the point that she often seems incapable of taking even well-meaning advice from those outside her inner circle. She has also consistently misread the mood of the country and her own party, which has been in evidence ever since she re-entered the national spotlight earlier this month.

Based on prior behavior, including the “hit list” the Clintons kept after her 2008 campaign and mistakes from that campaign that were repeated in her 2016 effort, it’s clear the far left’s fears are well-founded.

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