Far-Left Group Attacks Dem for ... 'Refusing to Embrace' Medicare for All | NTK Network Far-Left Group Attacks Dem for … ‘Refusing to Embrace’ Medicare for All

Far-Left Group Attacks Dem for … ‘Refusing to Embrace’ Medicare for All

California candidate Dave Min is not even opposed to single-payer, but a liberal group is going after him for not supporting the multitrillion-dollar idea enough.

By NTK Staff | 05.31.2018 @9:00am
Far-Left Group Attacks Dem for … ‘Refusing to Embrace’ Medicare for All

Need evidence of how far left progressive groups are pushing Democrats? A California Democrat is being attacked in ads for not being enthusiastic enough about $25-trillion “Medicare for All.”

BuzzFeed reported:

The digital ads from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee zero in on Dave Min, who has the backing of the California Democratic Party and the centrist group the New Dem PAC in California’s 45th district.

…PCCC’s new ad seizes on Min’s stance to say he has “sided with big insurers by refusing to embrace” Medicare for All. His opponent, Katie Porter, who’s won endorsements from both Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, has said she wants to replace the Affordable Care Act with a federal single-payer system.

The most wild thing about PCCC’s attacks on Min is that Min is not even opposed to single-payer. BuzzFeed noted:

He has said he supports “exploring every possible opportunity to achieve universal health care coverage,” said he was behind a California plan to create a statewide single-payer system, and supports a public option. But like many Democrats running in red and purple districts in 2018, he’s expressed skepticism about a federal single-payer plan like the Bernie Sanders-backed “Medicare for All” bill.

It appears, then, that even a shred of doubt about Bernie’s 10-year, $25-trillion plan is enough to earn a Democrat attack ads in a competitive primary. May this be an early preview of how far-left liberals treat the 2020 presidential primary as well?

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