Feinstein: No Evidence Kushner Helped Russians | NTK Network Feinstein: No Evidence Kushner Helped Russians

Feinstein: No Evidence Kushner Helped Russians

The ranking Democratic senator on the Judiciary Committee threw cold water on the theory that the Trump campaign helped Russians target American voters.

By NTK Staff | 09.17.2017 @10:16am

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the ranking Democratic member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, told CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday that there is currently no evidence of collusion between Jared Kushner’s data operation and Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election.

“Do you have any indication as whether to Jared Kushner’s data operation during the Trump campaign had any role in selecting Facebook targets for the Russians?” Bash asked Feinstein.

“No, not at this time,” Feinstein responded.

The Democratic senator told Bash that the Democratic side of her committee has hired new investigators, but they had not come to any conclusions.

“I think everybody should be very cautious in what they say,” she said. “None of us want to be false in what we say, so it means you have to wait until the evidence comes in.”

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