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Flake Won’t Hold Up Trump SCOTUS Nominee Over Tariffs

The GOP senator has worked to delay the president's judicial nominees in a tariff dispute, but he won't jeopardize GOP chances to fill the Kennedy seat.

By NTK Staff | 06.28.2018 @3:21pm
Flake Won’t Hold Up Trump SCOTUS Nominee Over Tariffs

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) told Ronald Hanson of The Arizona Republic Wednesday that he would not try to block President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee in order to force the president to back off of his trade wars.

The ‘Never-Trump’ senator, in an effort to tone down Trump’s escalating trade wars with allies and adversaries alike, threatened to delay the president’s transformation of the federal circuit court. A member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Flake could swing nomination votes against Republicans on the narrowly divided panel.

But that will not apply to the Supreme Court, Flake said, after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement on Wednesday.

In an interview with Hanson, the senator affirmed that he would not block a Supreme Court nomination from the president:

“There are lots of folks out there who assume because I’ve not been in line with lots of the president’s policies, and certainly haven’t condoned his behavior, that I should oppose everything, every one of the president’s nominees or whatever. I’ve never taken that position,” Flake said in an interview.

“My goal here is not to block judges. My goal is to get a vote on tariffs, and I have all the leverage I need with circuit court nominees,” he said. The Supreme Court “is unaffected. I have all the leverage I need. I certainly wasn’t anticipating a Supreme Court vacancy, but it’s unaffected.”

Flake will continue to go through with his blocks on Trump’s lower court nominees, but the president apparently has a clear path through the Republican caucus to a Supreme Court nomination.

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